OS/2 Warp 4 Fixpack 15

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This is OS/2 Warp 4 Fixpack 15, prepackaged 

for hard drive (or network) install. You do 

not need any other files (except unzip to 

unzip it, of course :-).

Aaron Lawrence 

aaronl at consultant dot com

Note: Includes IBM Service Facility 1.44

Last Updated: 28 May 2003



1. Unzip the file. If you're using PKUNZIP,

   then you'll need to specify -d to create 


2. Run install.cmd.

The remainder of this is a guide to using 

the IBM Service program. I've included this 

because some of the prompts are not very 

helpful. But there's nothing very tricky to do.

Guide to running Service


At the first window click Service.

  If it says "no serviceable products" then 

  the program wasn't able to find OS/2, which 

  it does by locating the syslevel file. 

At the second window, enter a directory in 

the 'archive' column - backups of files 

will be stored here - then click OK.

  If you've installed a fixpack before, then

  it will instead ask for a backup directory, 

  but it serves basically the same purpose.

Click continue at the 'locked files' window.

Let it happen!

  If it asks about newer files, then 'cancel' 

  means: 'no', leave my current, newer, file.

  Generally, I don't allow it to replace 

  newer files, but some fixpacks do require 

  you to. Read the readme.1st!

If it crashes, start again, without rebooting

Reboot before doing anything else

It may reboot again before completing the boot.

This is normal as it may have replaced system 


For more information


See the Docs directory:

  Readme.1st   - Description of the fixpack

  Readme2      - Fixed bug list

  Readme.cid   - Info on CID installation 

  Readme.reg   - Info on the new registry editor

  Readrexx.txt - Info on Rexx updates


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